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Our Football program is a "no-cut" program.  This means that we don't ask our players to "try out" for the team.  We believe that everyone who wants to play the great sport of Football should be given that opportunity.  In some programs, if you're not "good enough", you simply don't make the team.  In our program, we specialize in making our players BETTER - no matter what level they are starting at.  Everyone has potential - It's our job to develop it!

All players are welcomed - no matter what level of experience.  We teach the sport from the very beginning - stance, start, concepts, techniques, etc.  No prior knowledge is required.  Get out and play!

How Do I Register?
Registering for Football at TJ is easy.  Obviously, only TJ students are allowed to participate with us.  Registration can be done online - it's simple and easy to do.  We only ask a couple of questions and you're all set - it can be completed in under 60 seconds!


Help Support Our Football Program!
Number one High School in the Nation?  A winning football program?  A new look?  There are some big things going on at TJ - be a part of it!  Donate today!  Click this link!

Contact: Coach Aaron M. Raffle
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