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Sports Physical FAQs 2021-2022 School Year

What forms do I need?

All students that want to try-out for a sport in FCPS at a minimum need the following forms: (some sports require additional forms)

  • Virginia High School League physical form (VHSL physical)
  • TJ Athletic Registration [Emergency Care Card & Concussion Education]
You can get these forms under the forms tab at ;

What is a VHSL physical?

The VHSL physical is a 4 page form.
You must use the JANUARY 2021 version.
The parent and student complete pages 1, 2 and 4. The physician (MD, DO, NP, PAC) completes page 3.
The physical exam must be completed after May 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please make sure that the physical is completed in its entirety. Missing signatures or incomplete information will exclude the student from participation until completed.

The most common items missing from the physical are:

  • Student signature on page 1
  • Student and parent signatures on page 2
  • Missing explanations for questions that were answered with “YES”
  • The date that the exam was performed by the physician on page 3.
  • The physician’s office address and phone number
  • Parent signatures on the bottom of page 4 in TWO places.
  • Medical insurance information on page 4. If you don’t carry medical insurance, you must purchase School Accident Insurance. If you are going to play football, you must purchase the football option. If you are going to do summer football conditioning, you need to purchase the summertime coverage.


Other common physical errors that prevent participation: Turning in other forms in place of the VHSL physical.

  • We CANNOT accept a doctor’s note in place of page 3.
  • We CANNOT accept the School Health Entrance Form
  • We CANNOT accept anything stapled to the physical IN PLACE of page 3. (a print out from the last doctor visit)
  • We CANNOT accept any other version of the VHSL form. It MUST be the JANUARY 2021  version.

Where do I turn in the physical?

There are several options to turn in a physical.

  • A completed VHSL can be turned in/mailed to:
    • Heather Murphy, ATC

Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology

RE: VHSL physical

6560 Braddock Road

Alexandria, VA 22312

  • Please DO NOT turn forms in to the main office or your teachers.
  • Please ­DO NOT email forms.
  • If you plan on doing summer conditioning, you turn it into the coach on the first day.
  • During the school year, you can turn it into Ms Murphy prior to the season starting or on PASS dates.
  • PLEASE make sure to keep a second copy on file at HOME.

When is it due?

A valid physical must be turned in before doing out of season conditioning or trying out for a regular season team.


Do I have to have the physical done at TJ/Can my family physician do it?

Your family physician CAN perform the physical exam. Please make sure to refer to the “What is a VHSL physical section” to avoid common errors.

Where do I find out about try-outs?

  • Please refer to the Colonial Athletic Website for all try-out information.

Fall Sports: Cheerleading, Cross County, Dance Team, Field Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Golf

Winter Sports: Basketball, Gymnastics, Indoor Track, Swimming and Diving, Wrestling, Dance Team

Spring Sports: Baseball, Crew, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Outdoor track


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